Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fasci Trumpiani de Combattimento

I know I've promised not to write about U.S. politics, but this particular piece of merda is getting so brain-warpingly obvious as defy ignoring.

First, it's fairly clear that not only is the humanoid meat-object known as "Donald Trump" a perfect distillation (or, perhaps, continuing the meat analogy, a perfect sausage-filling) of the mendacious, belligerent Know-Nothingism, racism, sexism, Tentherism, and violently stupid individualism (in the sense of not just eliding but actively fighting against the notion of any sort of social or political "commons") that has overcome the modern Republican Party, and

Second, the bulk of the meat-like humanoid objects known as "Republican voters" are juuuuuust fine with that.

They don't care if what he says are obvious-to-a-retarded-gorilla lies, provided that the lies are what they want to hear. They don't care if his "policy ideas" are bone-stupid as the stupidest notion dredged up from the bottom of a bottomless well of stupid provided that they accord with the sort of ideas they like.

They like his moronic belligerence, his brainless bellicosity. They like his blatant racism and sexism. They applaud the inanity of, for example, his bloviating about Middle Eastern refugees murdering scores while bellowing about the unconstitutionality of denying firearms to white whackaloons who actually DO murder scores.

Back when I taught history to high-school freshman (which, by the way, is like trying to teach German irregular verbs to a cat; it just annoys the cat and it frustrates the hell out of you) I would have a handful of the more thoughtful kids ask me how in the hell a people as civilized as the Germans of the Nineteen Thirties could fall for the obvious lies and warlike bullshit of someone like Hitler and his cronies, or the peoples of Russia and China believe the propaganda and follow the murderous instructions of people like Stalin and Mao.

(Note that I never had a single kid ever mention Mussolini and Italian fascism. It was like the whole twenty years of European history had disappeared...)

I told them that it wasn't as simple as that. That a lot of time people in bad situations, or who believe themselves in bad situations, see and hear what they want to believe will help them out of those bad situations. I would tell them about something else that happened in the Thirties - the New Deal - and how FDR and his people weren't some sort of pre-free-love hippies and woo-woo socialists but hardheaded American aristos (a lot of them, anyway...) who looked around and saw the horrible examples of the Soviet Union and Fascist Italy as the sort of bad places that this country could go when people's lives were wrecked by poverty and unemployment.

So when I look at this Trump idiot and the idiots who love him I want to choke my country by the throat.

This country is NOT in a "bad situation" that throwing a couple dozen "investment bankers" in Joliet and revamping the tax code to put the blocks to fucking Pfizer and Merrill Lynch and Verizon wouldn't help solve. Christ, we're the 2,000-pound gorilla of nations economically and militarily. If we have problems, if some of our citizens feel like we're in a "bad situation", it's largely because we've decided to go full-on Gilded Age. Fucketty-doo-dah! If you think that letting two boys marry, or suctioning out a snowflake baby, or letting a guy who snuck in from Durango last month trim your lawn has placed the United States in a "bad situation" then you need to pull on your fucking big boy panties, not actively consider electing some fucktard who is fundamentally nothing but a dime-store Mussolini, an egotistical, short-tempered fascisti asshole with a bad combover in a real-estate shyster's Armani suit.

But damn near a third of the Republican "base" is doing just that. Don't they SEE how fucked up that is? Don't they see what would happen if they put this fucking nimrod in charge of the executive branch and the U.S. armed forces? As the voice of America?

Or...worse...do they see that and just don't fucking care? Is that what damn near a tenth of my country is? Pasty little fascisti looking for a dough-faced Duce to march them to Washington and kick out the "liberals"?

These damn people...

I'd laugh if this didn't make me want to...no. Not weep. Like I said; choke the fucking life out of these stupid motherfuckers.

(but a huge h/t to driftglass for the wonderful Photoshop of Il Douche)


BigFred said...

Well Chief, as a registered (R) I have to agree with you. The whole Trump experience sort of reminds me of the scene in Bull Durham where Crash Davis (Kevin Costner) tell the pitcher to hit the mascot, and he does, and when the next batter steps inside the chalk box Davis says, "I wouldn't dig in to deep there, I have no idea where the next one is going." And the last time I got to use than analogy is when Bush was going to nominate Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court.

FDChief said...

What really pisses me off is that I, too, used to be a Republican - largely because my father was. The rise of Reagan worried me and by the time the Newtster and Limbaugh and the other radio shouters and Teatards came along I was done. You can't base a political party on "government is the problem" and end up with a government that works. What you get is...well, what's turning out for these damn Trump rallies; the American equivalents of the fascisti, the 20th Century Know-Nothings.

You CAN run a country on that...but it pretty much sucks unless you're one of the groups the Know-Nothings like. And you're OK with the toxic collusion of corporate and state power which is the fundamental basis of a fascist government.

I get that the Trumpistas are unhappy and unsettled. What I DON'T get is why they think that Trump - who is a walking, talking, toupee'd product of the toxic corporatism that has produced the economy that is bending them over - will solve their problems instead of, as the original Duce did, march their dumb asses into domestic serfdom and foreign trouble.

Goddamn it, I want the GOP back, the GOP that wanted to actually govern. Yes, I disagreed with a lot of their ideas even then. But at least they HAD ideas. This crowd, the one that Trump speaks for, just wants their childish playthings and is prepared to trash the playroom if they can't get exactly what they want.

FDChief said...

Pierce, naturally, distills a lot of what is driving this Trumpism into it's purest crystal form:

"Now, though, thanks to 50 years of steady drum-beating about how it was in the 1960s in which the country began to slide into decline, and how it was in the 1960s that the power drained away from You in the direction of Them, a culture of victimization has arisen despite all the data proving that the victims in question have not been victimized at all, at least not in comparison to their fellow citizens, anyway. What has victimized them are economic and trade policies that have drained the country of decent paying jobs, the decline of organized labor, and a lot of sleight-of-hand political jibber-jabber that continues to this day. It's just easier to get people to blame each other. And that's what's coming to a head in the country now."


BigFred said...

Nice to see you active again. Please keep it up. And I hope you are able to enjoy some time with your family this weekend.

FDChief said...

Thing is that it's time AWAY from the family that produces all this bloggage. I'm stuck down in Medford on a grading job playing dirt nanny, and that means lots of evenings and (like today, sometimes) weather delays that give me time to write.

At home, I'm all wrapped up in kiddos and trying to find time to corner my Bride where I can tickle her fancy...

Syrbal/Labrys said...

Thank you for saying aloud here what has been dinner time conversation here for a good while. I barely dare leave the house these days -- I am afraid I WILL choke some idiot dithering on about "good hearted Trump" and what he will do for America.

Right...if ever there was a man who would smile on an American Kristallnacht...he is the one.


I keep thinking I'll wake up and it's going to be a bad dream..but every morning that crazy bastard is out there spreading lies and fear.

Ael said...

Whenever people get you down, make some stupid noises.

FDChief said...

Problem w that, Ael, is that it's this frigging idiot Trump who's making all the stupid noises and his blackshirts lap it up and that's what's getting me down...

Ael said...

Too true. In some ways it is refreshing to have it so apparent. In most ways, however, it is just terrifying how society absorbs it with so little reaction.