Tuesday, January 26, 2016

18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy

It appears tonight that at least part of the armed seditionists and traitors in arms are dead or in federal custody.

Hopefully the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of the remainder will follow swiftly.

Because these people are not simply traitors. They are madmen and idiots who would invoke their insane concept of "common law" to destroy our republic for their own benefit. It is also worth noting that the shootout and arrests occurred as the traitors-in-arms were on the road to spread their treason to neighboring Grant County, Oregon, where the county sheriff is another whackadoodle seditionist and wanna-be sovereign-fucking-citizen.

My only regret is that they will not, as they should be, as their predecessor traitors typically were, speedily and publicly hung as a warning to those who are tempted to follow in their path; thus perish all traitors.

Because in order to not lose the Whiskey Rebellion, as Bill Sherman said; fear is the beginning of wisdom.


Ael said...

It is not over yet.
Now they have a martyr.

FDChief said...

Indeed. And as Stalin is supposed to have asked regarding the "moral power" of the pope, how many divisions does this martyr possess?

These people already see themselves as heroes and martyrs fighting the quixotic battle against the Evil Empire. They live in Looneyland of "common law", admirably courts, and sovereign citizenship. Like any nutzoid zealots they will be dissuaded when they are laid by the heels. To assume that a martyred hero will inflame they is to as far underassess their zealotry as to assume that reason and negotiations will pacify them is to overassess their common sense.

Like the hard core of jihadi zealots, only age, weariness, failure, and death will end their relentless rage.

They are not for turning, and can only serve as a warning to the more fainthearted by their deaths and failures.

FDChief said...

To assume that there was a "better" solution is to assume that passively waiting these jokers out would have reduced all of them to passive surrender. And, in fact, five of the six DID cravenly lie down and give up.

Frankly, I'd argue that a mere 17% casualty rate argues exceptionally good planning and execution on the part of the ambush. You'd pretty much have to figure that no matter how kid-glove the final takedown that something between 10 and 20 percent of these traitors would go for the trigger, resolving to die gloriously.

As any security professional would confirm; you can't discourage someone who genuinely would rather die than surrender or sheer off...

Imagin ista said...

On the bright side, their "martyr" is the guy who recorded himself saying he wouldn't be taken alive. And I'm pleased he achieved the outcome he desired.

FDChief said...

I wouldn't call what I'm feeling "pleased" - tho I understand the emotion and the reason. "Satisfied" better expresses my condition. Satisfied that some of these idiots were finally nabbed, satisfied with the planning and execution of the ambush.

Now what remains is to smoke the rest of these rats out of their nest.