Thursday, February 11, 2016

A cigarette and a cookie

The Malheur Moron Mulisha is finally all either in the sneezer, run away, or in one case biding safe in a ditch, food for worms.

The last of these heroes chieu-hoi'ed after asking for a coffin-nail and a cookie. From snacks to smokes, at least these jokers were true to their Constitutional cravings for cheap thrills and snack foods to the last.
The bonus round, however, goes to the original armed seditionist and welfare moocher Cliven Bundy, who flew the Friendly Skies right into federal custody. Seems you ain't the sharpest barb on the wire, Cliven, ol' shoe. You may have thought you were done with the feds but they sure as hell ain't done with you.

And that's goddamn good.
Because the Stupid, it's still out there. It continues to live, free and wild, even as these sad bastards will hopefully begin meeting their new Aryan Brotherhood friends for their long occupation of a very different sort of federal facility.

It even continues to arrive here, in eastern Oregon, even now - the latest import of this nonsense coming in from Nevada in the form of one Michele Fiore, elected representative of Clark County and wanna-be U.S. Congresswoman. Michele's quite the piece of work, and here she is on the subject of our latest outbreak of armed sedition:
"Fiore promised that the cause for which they fought – defending citizen rights under the Constitution – would go on even if they were arrested."
Citizen rights, my sweet rosy-red ass.
If these damn traitors were "defending" anything other than their own goddamn greed and stupidity then I am the goddamn Dragon King of Bhutan.

This, this is the exact sort of thing that should be throttled in the throat of any seditious liar that utters it. This is the sort of thing the sows these Cadmus traitors, a sort of Cheeto-shaped mental eyetooth that awakens their hunger for power (and snacks, and maybe a Marlboro, but, hey..."defending citizen rights under the Constitution" can't be done on C-rations.

Wait. What?)

For all their irritating rhetoric and seditious treason these morons are just the cannon fodder. The meat waiting for a bullet so it can be finally put to a useful purpose to fill in the fosse. Only the (rather low-hanging) fruit of the poison tree.

Fiore. Fiore is the fucking tree.

It is her beliefs - the guns trump ballots, that traitors are "patriots", that the commons are for the taking of anyone armed enough and selfish enough and greedy enough to take it - and her spouting those beliefs, and the public post she has been given to spout those damn deadly treasonous beliefs that is the root and branch that bears this bitter (albeit perhaps smoky and Oreo-tasting) fruit of treason.
And government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall perish from the earth if We the People do not take the axe to her, to people like her, and cut them down at the ground, dynamite the fucking stumps, and salt the earth to ensure that no more like them will spring from it no matter how many American Spirits and Doritos and .45ACP rounds seditious bastards like Bundy and Finicum and, yes, like Fiore sow there.


Paul Harris said...

she's not the problem, only the public face of, and lackey for, the anti-American anti-democratic scum like the Koch Bros and their ilk:

I agree completely, though, that she and every pol like her need to be run out of town on a rail after a tar & feather party (it's what the Founders would have wanted). I include every "constitutional sheriff" and 3% ex-LEO & vet.

Ael said...

Isn't this stuff simply the natural evolution of the American Wild West?
Sure reads like a western novel to me.

I am so happy that my grandfather homesteaded in a place where they sent the police and the surveyors out *first* before they let folks start plowing the land.

So many fewer arguments that way.

FDChief said...

Paul: True, but she's the "problem" in that if she gets a nice hot cup of shut-the-fuck-up from the voters then no matter how much lucre the Kochs and their Kochsuckers splash out they're effectively powerless. They need to have their paid lackeys like this miserable by-product in place to carry their water.

And I agree wholeheartedly on the "Constitutional sheriff" thing. The minute any of them peeped that nonsense was the minute they failed the only real test the Constitution mandates for their position.

As for the "3%"...well, like I said; they're just the human wave that gets sent in to soak up bullets. The stupid sonsofbitches should really read up on the First Gulf War to see where they fit into the whole tactical scheme...

Ael: Actually, that's what's funny, is that, NO; it's part of these numbnuts' imaginary history of the American West, where stalwart white men tamed the frontier with nothing but God, guns, and guts. The Army, the railroad robber barons, the land surveyors, the town councils and sheriffs and the Grange and every other collective and/or governmental largesse is completely ignored.

These idiots have, in effect, constructed a "Wild West" that never was so they can justify their modern selfish greed.

Ael said...

Ah, good to know. I've heard many stories about the American West. Most of them, not very flattering.

Up here, our local history has a certain "Fort Whoop-up" manned by American whisky traders selling a (poor and typically poisonous) approximation of booze to the local tribes leading to no end of troubles for the local loyal white subjects of the crown. All were duly rescued by the arrival of the dashing North-West Mounted Police who sent the trouble makers to prison (or across the border, it isn't certain).

In any case, peace, order and good government were restored and everyone, except the local indians (who were savages, after all), got to share in the land's rich bounty.