Friday, February 12, 2016

Maybe it IS you...

...when everything you think you know is actually and completely wrong.

Jim Fallows has a new post up arguing that America doesn't have to be great again because, well, because it never really stopped being fairly great. That the current what-appears-to-be-common-and-popular political trope about the U.S. as a shrieking hellscape is...mistaken. And that the secret to changing that trope tell people about all this good news.

My argument is that this trope is anything but a mistake. It's a lie, a damned, dirty lie repeated by damned dirty liars and Republicans but I repeat myself. And that the grifter and liars know that and will not change anything because the lying and grifting is profitable and that their marks and stooges won't change, either, because they're too goddamn investing in the lies as part of their mindset.

I should add that the most significant problem - real problem as opposed to the fantasy-problem of screaming hordes of Zika-infected, ISIS-allied Mexican terrorist-rapists coming over the walls to adulterate our precious bodily fluids - of the New Gilded Age - the louring oligarchy that has thoroughly corrupted our politics and our media - never seems to wander into the liars' wheelhouse.

Which is, of course, the whole point of the lie.

But here's where I think that Fallows is wasting his ink. The people who believe these lies, the people who believe that they need to elect a short-fingered vulgarian real-estate swindler and serial adulterer to "Make America Great Again", have no interest in facts, or realities, or anything other than their own moronic delusions. Telling them that " important task for moving beyond our current era of a Second Gilded Age is connecting the stories and examples of people and places that are figuring out how to cope..." won't change their minds.

So far as they are concerned the Damned Lib'ruls and the Kenywn Usurper have destroyed America's once-awesome military power, flooded the nation with illegal Mexicans and Syrians, debased the currency, encouraged homos to screw children and animals and each other, and carpeted the path to the welfare office with a red carpet made from aborted baby parts.

As I've said before; I won't talk about U.S. politics because they're nothing left for me to say. And there's really nothing here for me, either. This is just a thing. If these people had a functioning cerebrum they'd see how ridiculous they are and change. They don't; they're working off the old lizard-brain, and doing nothing more useful than any other reptile snapping at the shadows it believes are insects.

But what is depressing to contemplate is that this sort of America the Terrible obsession seems to have subsumed perhaps one-fifth to a quarter of the American electorate.

And a maneuver unit that has taken 30% casualties is usually assessed combat-ineffective and completely worthless for anything but parting out and completely rebuilding.


Ael said...

Messed up formatting.

And, because I am a troll, even though you stated your opinions about American politics, does Mr. Sanders create even the slightest whiff of hope for you, Chief?

FDChief said...

Fixed it. Sorry. Gah.

Not really. I'm going to campaign for him, yes, but the simple reality is the the Republican monkeyhouse that is the U.S. House of Representatives will prevent him from doing anything like what he proposes. At best he's no more than a forlorn hope. The U.S. public is as. It or bigger an ass than it has ever been, and until the stupid fuckers stop electing these idiots all we can do is damage control...

Ael said...

What I find most interesting about this election cycle is the troubles the oligarchy is having. Wasn't it supposed to be Bush vs Clinton?

Instead we get treated to the Trump/Cruz/Sanders. The establishment is having a hard time doing basic message control.

And yes, the Republican monkey house has a complete lock on business. However, that too can change. This year, my province overturned a government who had been in power for 50 years. It was considered unbeatable, until, over a seven week campaign, it wasn't and it lost, big time.

Pluto said...


The problems the oligarchy is having is primarily caused by the oligarchy. Their problem is that they are loosely allied to bring about changes that favor their economic strata (ie. lowering taxes on the top .001%) but are opposed to each other on the details (global warming, etc.). This is in large part because of their economic interests.

For example the Koch brothers (who owe much of their wealth to oil) are dead-set against anything related to a global warming pact. The folks over at the Silicon Valley dream machine are all in favor of a global warming pact because it would give them new industries to disrupt. Both sides are waging lawfare and clogging up Congress to get their way. The sad thing is that neither side is interested in whether or not a global warming pact would be good for the country.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Trump bloviating, and to Cruz and Rubio sounding like Draco Malfoy & Co. I listen to Hillary trying to promise whatever she thinks will warm the current crowd. And all I can think is, "Don't voters realize that without a Congress at least willing to co-govern, no matter who is in the White House; things will not improve?"

As someone who will go un-named said "We aren't electing a king." Or a queen.

Tho' damn it, I damn near like Freddie Mercury better than any of my choices!
(Labrys at new blog site)