Saturday, October 14, 2006

Check Firing

I've gotta tell ya - this blogging thing is work!

OK, no, that's bullshit. BUT...I do have to take a break for a bit. So as they say on the Line of Steel: checkfiring checkfiring checkfiring...

I love ya, be cool, hang on for a bit and check back in about a week for more blogging action.

Coming up: Steaming jungles, burning deserts, hot hot HOT GI hunks and the Chief as Honduran queerbait.

Mira aya!


Anonymous said...

I will miss you.

Millicent said...

I did get the call from you future employer and I did (finally) call them back. I told them they made the right choice. Full time?! That'll be an adjustment. I'm excited to hear about the special needs forum that you went to. We're looking pretty seriously at going down that route as well. You never know what life as in store for just never know. Enjoy MA and your vacation...see you in a few weeks!