Sunday, September 02, 2007

I am a Camera

I sometimes wish my Daddy didn't blog so much. He needs to be playing trucks with me more, or building me a really BIG wooden train track, or a track for my Tonka train, or watching "Fireman Sam". But I do like when he takes pictures. I like to take pictures, too, and I have been taking really good ones, so I asked Daddy to put them in his blog thing. I call the first one "Now and Future Mommies". They were talking about boring stuff about their mei-mei's. My mommy saw me take her picture and gave me A Look. But that's OK, looks are just looks.
I like this one. I call it "Half Empty". Mommy feels this way when her latte' is all gone and Daddy doesn't make her another.
I liked the contrast between the hard, red plasticity of the firetruck and the flesh-and-bone of Daddy's heel. I'm thinking of calling it "Flesh and the Devil" (because of the firetruck being red) but I'm not sure if that's too obscure.
I like the contrast here. The shiny newness of the chain makes a nice counter to Daddy's scuffed and nasty old boot. The red of the carabiner struggles with the green porch floor and the beige brush back. And it all has the haphazard arrangement of a mise'-en-scene. Altogether, a very satisfying composition. I've called this "Dick Chain-y Gets The Boot" - I was feeling very...political...that morning. And I wanted a sippy of milk all the way up to the top and nobody would stop talking and get me one. So I felt more than a little snippy, too. Otherwise I agree that puns ARE the lowest form of humor.
I thought about calling this "Silent Spring" but Mommy pointed out that it's almost Fall. So I remembered Keat's wonderful lines "And this is why I sojourn here/Alone and palely loitering,/ Though the sedge is wither’d from the lake/And no birds sing." So I titled this "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"
I included this one even though Daddy took it. I think it expresses a mood, though, and I call it "Portrait of the Artist as a Funny Face". I think Daddy can be pretty silly, too. But he's usually a pretty nice Daddy. He just doesn't understand that you can be an auteur and STILL think about toys and TV and sugary treats.
Leave a comment and tell my Daddy what you think of my art. Thanks!
The Peeper


walternatives said...

I can tell where your aesthetic priorities are, Peep. It's certainly nice to see life from your view point.

atomic mama said...

Thanks for the peek, Peep! I like your style!

basilbeast said...

Fighting Cats movie!

I saw "2 Brothers" over the weekend.

Good for PeepErtainment, I think.


Nice pix, btw.

wzgirl said...

Peep rocks - especially when he smiles so hard that it hurts. Love the last pic.

Debra Sue said...

Peep, you did a wonderful job on your pictures. Keen eye and steady hand, lad.