Thursday, September 13, 2007

Radio Silence

You know I love y'all, right? I love you when you give me bloggy happiness, and I even love you when you don't comment on my witty spasms of erudition or my personal joys like cycling and the films of Russ Meyer.

And I love coming here to write, think and respond - although I think I expected the blogosphere to be a little more...interactive. Y'know, a sort of digital salon where I'd throw out some salacious tit-bit and you'd pounce on it like a Fat Nitty with the edge of the living room rug, showering me with flailing metaphors and flashing wit, provoking a sort of Algonquin round-table on-line, only with the refrigerator and toilet closer by...
But never mind. The point is that I'm normally very attuned to the comings and goings in the digital world, adding my mite where and when I can.
But tomorrow morning it stops.
For two whole weeks I will be without my faithful laptop. Over the hills (okay, well , over the ocean) and far away. And I've decided that I want to take a break, a real break, and just concentrate on my lovely bride and the little girl who will be the newest part of our family.
I'm not out of business. I may even still pop up, if I can get on the workstation in the "White Swan" and do a little blogging or three. But serious posting?
In the Army they have a term for when you just sit by the radio, listen to others and be patient - "radio listening silence". Let's call it that. So for the next two weeks, when you stop working for a moment...when you open your eyes in the deep night...when you pause at the streetcorner; that nothing you hear? That silence, the caesura between sounds?
Yep. Me.

See ya tomorrow morning.


walternatives said...

You were expecting a digital salon? You're too cute, John. But really, we all know, there can only be ONE Fat Nitty, yes? I don't know if I can go two weeks without FDC, but I'll do my best.

atomic mama said...

Russ Meyer. Awesome.