Monday, September 10, 2007

Kicking Ass: Atomic Mama

It's not like she couldn't kick you ass and mine too: we're talking the gal was a roller derby jammer and is still ready to throw down. In all respects, she rules.
But there's a side of her you don't always get to see. We did, when she sent us this incredible blanket for our little mei-mei. It's hard to describe how cool it is, from the totally toothsome bandanna-pattern on the topside to the warm, fuzzy and soft black bottom...we're in love with your gift, AM, and don't know what to say except - thank you.
The only problem is that there's only one terrific Atomic blanket and two jealous little people to try and claim it. Here the Peep, fetchingly "sky-clad", models his idea of how the treasured blanket should be worn.
Oh, dear. I see a regular crash coming when these two li'l skaters duke it out over this lovely present. Sorry, Peep - the girl gets the prize...
And I thought that A.M. would be tickled to know - our very own Portland was the venue for filming the 1972 Raquel Welch opus "Kansas City Bomber", the Chief's personal favorite roller derby flick. Get some, gals.
And thank you, Atomic Mama. You totally rawk.


SBird said...

The Bee has a similarly awesome A.M. blanket (although pink skulls with fuzzy black back) went to China, it went to the hospital last week...she can't sleep without it. It's THAT good.

As the Peeper already senses....

atomic mama said...

Aww, shucks, the pleasure was all mine. I am enjoying making peace with my sewing machine and have even progressed to binding attachments!! I am SO happy to see that the Peeper is infusing it with even more love for his mei mei! I just hope she likes it as much.

Oh, yes, Raquel rocked the banked track... And although I retired from ass-kicking, I do keep my bearings oiled and my can opener loaded in its holster...


Millicent said...

Thor only has to watch out for her Mommy, cuz I'm lovin' me some pink skull and fuzzy blanket action as well. Mmmm....soft.

walternatives said...

A.M. does, indeed, RAWK.