Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is Millicent. She's a busy new mommy now, with a husband starting a new job and a little girl starting a whole new life. I know that makes it hard to blog...but I'm jonesin' for some Different Dirt, me. I miss Millicent's cool-but-not-too-cool, funny, wise and just a little twisted take on Life, the Universe and Everything.
Won't you help me beg her to give us a little sugar? G'wan over there and add a comment or three onto her last post and ask her for some of the Good Stuff. The ones she keeps behind the Kayro Syrup in the cabinet above the new gas stove. Maybe she'll whip us up a smokin' hot batch of Nawth Mississippi Luuuuvve.
Millie, I swear. I'm not going to sleep until you blog again.
No shit. Seriously.
UPDATE 10/28: Talked to Millie today - we're going over to help them "move upstairs" (I'll explain later) and she said 1) that she already had a terrific post in her head, and 2) their internet connection was restored at home and she's ragin' to blog. So it looks like us Different Dirt fans will get us our heaping helping of the Good Earth. Yaaaayyy!!!

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Doris & Ez said...

Hey, I know where you're coming from! But, as you know, Millicent is sooo busy now - she sez this is the hardest job she's ever had! I miss her blog too - I check out Graphic Firing Table for news about what's happening in HER life. And the sad thing is - I'm MILLICENT's MOM!