Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ms. PacMan

I promised I'd post this - this is what we call Shaomei's "coin slot" or "mail slot" - the rectangular bald spot on the back of her head. We're told that this is 1) a remnant of where her head was shaved in back for ease of care and to accomodate the hot weather in Dongguan, or 2) where she rubbed the back of her head sleeping on the hard wood crib-bottom. While I understand the idea of discarding as much of the bedding as possible in the hot, dog's-mouth-humid climate of south China, I'm sorry - wood as bedding? SO Neolithic. Makes my head hurt just to think of it.

We're introducing the concept of pillow. Slow, but sure. We'll have you dancing on the bar in your panties and cowgirl hat yet, li'l American Girl...(now THERE'S a Daddy-heart-attack image...)

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wzgirl said...

Nice that Dad has bare-head-empathy. Those ol' cribs have gotta be awful smart, yaknow?