Thursday, March 20, 2008

Malefactors of Great Wealth

In "honor" of the fifth aniversary of the clusterfuck Mess-o-potamia that our arrogant "leaders" lied us into, here's a Golden Oldie from the GFT of yore:

I get the feeling that we're all talked out on the subject of Iraq. We all know what’s happening: we can see the iceberg. It's huge, it's gouging its way deep into the hull, and we've spent the last two to three years pounding the helmsman on the back of the skull, shouting "Turn, you idiot! You're ramming a fucking iceberg!" only to have him slew around and stare at us with that skeevy grin and babble some inanity about "staying the course" and "no substitute for victory".

We know that the water is going to be cold, and the bottom is a freezing blackness that we will never feel at the end of that long, spiraling drop into the abyss.

And we know, because we can hear the clink of glasses and the bray of the band that on the saloon deck that many of our fellow passengers are still gobbling their meals and charging their glasses to the soothing sound of the stagefront crooner. Nothing we've said has touched them. No scolding, no pleading, no explaining will make them tear the lunatic helmsman from the wheel. The fear may be hidden in their hearts, but they won't stand up and act, won't admit that the damage is already done, that the black water is already pouring in, the ship is already doomed, and that whatever illusions of "victory" they have will end when the icy sea closes over our heads."

Five years on and we are still in denial. The traitorous 25% still clings to the illusion of "victory" while the fiscal crows are coming home to roost in an ever-increasingly Hitchcockian fashion. We have mortgaged our honor and our liberty for power and "security" and received none of the above. If we do not force our political masters to impeach these men; if Dubya walks out of the Oval office in January, 2009 under his own power and not in handcuffs we will have lost forever something vitally important to our Republic.

Iraq is over. The fools have committed their folly, the vile men whose interests never rose above their own cupidity and malice have seen to that. It will be what it will be, what its own people choose to make of it, and all the blood and treasure we choose to pour into it will not change that. The question for us now is how far will we let them lead us down the path of their greed, their anger and their fooling.

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