Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Ear, Again

I wanted to talk about the despicable FISA capitulation, and talk about the U.S. women taking Brazil 1-0. Or even talk about the fun we had down at Jamison Park Saturday blundering into Portland's early Bastille Day fete'.But instead Little Miss has another ear infection - her second in four weeks - and today sucked pipe and I barely got the housework done, let alone blogging. Poor little sweetie. So to bed knowing that it will be a long night and none of us will sleep. Much.

More later in the week.


wzgirl said...

I can imagine your exhaustion. Here's hoping Lil' Miss and the rest of the battalion have a healthy, sleep-rich week. xo

sheerahkahn said...

Have no worries FD, ear-infections never last, and before you know it she'll be holding court once again while ringing the bell for her personal monkey to dance for her.

Red Sand (aka Mrs. V) said...

Poor little one. Hope it clears up quickly. And that you get sleep. Sleep is gooood.