Saturday, July 19, 2008


Twelfth Century monastic advice for those whose Friday night rocked:

"Qui bene bibit, bene dormit.
Qui bene dormit, cogitat non malum.
Qui cogitat non malum, non peccat.
Qui non pecat, venit in caelum.
Igitur: qui bene bibit, venit in caelum!"
Which, translated from the dog-Latin means roughly:

"He sleeps well who goodly drinks.
Who sleeps thus well no evil thinks.
Who thinks no evil never sins.
Who sins not, salvation wins.
Therefore: He who drinks so well, surely shall be saved from Hell."

On second thought, barkeep, make that a double.


basilbeast said...

From the Greek:

There is a song attributed to Anacreon, and nearly everybody in Athens approves the sentiment:--

Thirsty earth drinks up the rain,
Trees from earth drink that again;
Ocean drinks the air, the sun
Drinks the sea, and him, the moon.
Any reason, canst thou think,
I should thirst, while all these drink?[*]

[*]Translation from Von Falke's "Greece and Rome."

How 'bout a discourse on favorite beverages? Up to it?

An old favorite, Southern Comfort.


FDChief said...

Basil: tough call - it'd have to be time and place dependant.

Talisker for cold winter evenings when I'm sitting quietly, or every May 1 in memory of my daughter Bryn...

Some malty porter - Black Butte, say - for soccer evenings of chanting and companionship...

An oaky red pinot for steaks on the patio...

Maker's Mark in the flask for cold mornings in the duck blind...

And nothing like some cheap fizzy Budweiser for telling lying war stories with the old geezers at the 82nd Convention.

So...anyone else?

mike said...

I would agree with Chief on the Porters. And would go with any micro-brewed Stout (but no Guinness).

For the duck blind, I would go with Old Overholt. One of the only authentic non-blended rye whiskeys that I could find, perhaps they have other labels north of the border. But do they even make it anymore? I have not found it in any local liquor stores since the vodka craze started.

Ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon at the golf course of course.

As for the steak, any 2-year-old red wine from the Columbia or Willamette valley wineries will do for me.

And for the non-discriminating, anti-connoisseurs, a little snifter of homemade cherry brandy. Last years batch was much too sweet so I fortified it thinking that would dilute the sugar. Now it is too sweet and too strong.