Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend at the Waldorf

It wasn't just Miss Lily that was busy this weekend. Mojo and Missy went over to Astor School to help with the back-to-school cleanup....And big boy Peeper and I took a load of debris to the dump, where much fun was had throwing stuff and finding out how much the truck weighed......and enjoying the loaders and big garbage trucks.The transfer station is big Boy Fun, let me tell you.

AND after that we got to go to L'Arc D'Or for some mighty fine french fries, chicken McNuggets (which the hell part of the chicken is the "nugget", anyway?) and chocolate milk.

Which, for hard-workin Garbagemen like me and the Peeper, is damn fine grubbin'.

That sounds like the worst of horrible miscegenations between McDonald's and Ford Truck commercials, doesn't it? Eeegah...

Anyway, we had fun, and then I had to take the work truck back to the office. I took my bike and rode back up to Mt. Scott Park to meet Mojo and the kids.Hey, just like the "Tour deFrance guys".

Ummmm...only older. And fatter.

Oh, and slower.

Mmphm.Here's our friend M's nighborhood project, the little triangle at SE 70th and Woodstock. Cool, neh? We loved visiting her when she was helping with the cob walls

And here she is, popping up in her community project like the devil in pantomime! Yay, M! You rock!

M is a terrific gal, and she invited us to, of all things, an Oregon Symphony in the Park concert in her local Mt. Scott Park (also home to the coolest indoor pool in Portland). Mind you, it's been years since I classicaled, and Mojo doesn't know J.S. Bach from Burt Bacherach, but it was free, and it was a nice evening, and so we went.

It turned out to be Big Fun, with all sorts of tasty Peeper and Missy-tempting treats, lots of places to play, music by Portland Taiko (who totally kick ass like a ninja monkey) as well as the OS, who had the good sense to pick fun, uptempo stuff like the "William Tell Overture" (dada-dump, dada-dump, dada-dum-dum-dump!) and skipped the lugubrious Mahler. Here's some snapshots:The next morning Mojo went to her Fit Sisters to work out so the kids and I went out for breakfast, then a looooonng playtime in the park behind the St. John's Community Center, then Home Depot...

Note that the park was jammed: I was amazed, since we're usually alone here. This complicated matters when Peep had to do his usual post-breakfast "emergency pee". Thank god for thick hedges.

One Amazing Physics Fact: small children become electrically charged after repeatedly sliding down a plastic slide. True fact.Still more fun.And still more fun.So we had pretty good fun this weekend. Mind you, I'm still not talking about the part where the Peeper and Missy had their fun stuffing ten of Missy's diapers in the toilet while Mojo and I sat watching the Closing Ceremony. I knew that giggling meant something bad, I was just too damn lazy to get up and see.

Thank GOD they didn't flush it! Did you know that a disposable diaper can hold up to 16 times its own weight in moisture? True fact. Diapers are really amazing. Really. Amazing.

You kids...!

Anyhow, I hope you and yours had fun, too.

Time to go to work!


walternatives said...

I'm with Peeps; I like going to the dump, but not during the summer - too aromatic. Looks like y'all had a fine weekend. Cool.

walternatives said...

I'm with Peeps; I like going to the dump, but not during the summer - too aromatic. Looks like y'all had a fine weekend. Cool.

walternatives said...

how the hell did that happen - a double comment with only one click? Magic fingers, eh?

Lisa said...

You don't want to know about the nuggets. . .