Friday, August 29, 2008

Who Knew?

Thank God for Jezebel.
Because if we didn't know any better, we'd assume that high heels just gave you painful arches, bunions, hammer toes and other foot problems. But no, it turns out that post-partum fitness...ummm..."down there" is contingent on tripping around in those high-high-HIGH four-inch spikes. Well, Tyra says so, and if Tyra says it, it must be so!

If I'd only known: think of the fun Mojo would have had biking to work in her Meliani pumps. Mrrrrowr!

(Honestly. And we wonder why after the past eight years McSame is in a dead heat with, regardless of what you think about "Change" and the relative virtues of the candidate involved, the man who represents the only current opportunity to put the GOP slime machine back in it's box. Sigh...)


Lisa said...

Oh dear God--I'd never seen this. Bimbos--how appropriate Ms. Italy answer this one. Clearly, this is an audience full of potential McCain voters. Heck, maybe Obama voters. Probably, not voters at all -- they'll be at the next shoe sale.

Well, true confessions: A dear friend dragged me along to the movies "Sex and the City," and never a greater bunch of drivel had I seen (aside from Steve Martin's "Sgt. Bilko," which is numero uno worst film ever.)

The answer to everything in "Sex" was heels -- uncomfortable, ridiculous-looking heels. How could any man betroth a Carrie Bradshaw? Only a man who thinks she is a "silly, pretty thing"?

Heels? I've known mothers to trip and fall, breaking their baby's bones, or in one sad case, actually dying of a brain hematoma after falling backwards and hitting her head, while cradling her baby in protection. Heels are crazy.

There is something in between clunky Birkies and heels that is not Crocs.

FDChief said...

Lisa: I'd say, rather, that's its what you DO and how you're thinking while you wear those Birkie or Crocs or even heels.

I've seen women in CFM heels that I wouldn't cross the street to shake hands with if that's ALL they were wearing. And I've shared a bus ride or a cafe' table with gals in baggy T-shirts and Birkenstocks that absolutely gave me the happy shivers.

The "Sex and the City" and the Tyra show obsession with drop-dead shoes and Prada speaks to me of women who are probably not comfortable within their own skin. With who they are and what they are.

Show me a happy, laughing, bold, confident woman whose strong, pretty feet are comfortable in a pair of bright Tevas and I'm a happy boy. She's ten thousand times sexier than a skinny diva in the spikiest heels in Italy.

Just one man's opinion.

What's sad is the number of girls who are being raised on the SITC and Tyra nonsense and will believe that their attractivenss depends on the glittery, uncomfortable packaging. Sad.

Lisa said...


And when do you s'pose the trickle-down effect will occur, from your enlightened view of feminine beauty to your brethren?! If you're out working weekends, you can't be preaching the gospel!

I do agree--attitude (real attitude) is all. Uncomfortable heels are usually some woman's idea of being irresistible to a man. If a man be that shallow, he deserves said designing woman.

I know you have eyes to see the woman beneath the clothes. I think that is where joy can be had, when you see beyond the persona. In fact, when you can see there isn't much of a veneer at all, but perceive a beauty in the depth.

It is sad to see little girls who begin a trajectory into their perception of dissembling womanhood at an early age. So many seem to skip the little girl romper thing entirely and begin their Christina Aguilera look in elementary school. How will they develop into a person when they are so concerned about the exterior?

As in "Sex in the City," these ostensibly independent women spend their lives trying to snag a man. Mind you, men are very nice, but if you're a nice and real women, men (good men) will notice you.

My 2nd true confession of this post: Though I do wear my Romanian sensible shoes, I do have some lovely male friends; I just choose poorly on the romantic front. Self-sabotage? Perhaps the lady's not so bright as she'd like to think ;)