Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bringing Teh Funny

You've met my little darlin', Missy. And she's so damn cute it makes your eyes water.But how about TWO little identical cuties?

So I give you Ro and Ree of "Do They Have Salsa In China". Here's one of their funniest offerings yet: "the crazy spinning teetertotter".These guys are kind of a legend in the online China adoption community. It doesn't hurt that Mia-Mary (Mom) is a good writer and makes the posts fun and absorbing - if you check the blog out make sure to scroll down and read the story of Christmas and the TubaNuts. Ass-laugh-off funny.

But mostly it's just two really cute little girls. And, after all...Maurice, you dirty old man, you. Think stuff like that about MY little girl and I'll feed you your topper.

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