Wednesday, September 30, 2009

La Chatte

Strange little post. Here goes.

I was fiddling around on "I Can Has Cheezburger" when I came across the panda snapshot that went with the post below. Then I ran into this one:and loved it so much I had to build a post around it.

The conceit of "woman as cat" is too stereotypical to discuss. And, although I know that fur color in cats is gender related I have no idea what gender is associated with white; indeed, being, in essence, no color at all but all colors together white may transcend the "color = gender" cat rules.


Is this cat be anything but female?

In fact, she reminds me of nothing so much as

this woman right here.

And that isn't to say that Barbara was catty, or cat-like. But the look on the cat's face is perfectly Stanwyckesque. You can imagine that after Fred MacMurray went home for the night she sat on the couch looking just exactly like this. Just exactly.

I like to call her: "La Repose du Chatte de Mort".

Which reminds me: I need to talk about women in general.


Lisa said...

I'm brought to mind of the film, "La Lectrice", with Miou-Miou. Ever seen it? See serves a s reader for various men, and it's a clever use of the trope of writing on the female body that which the viewer wishes to see. Light, but I'd recommend it.

I am eager to read your post on the feminine. When a thoughtful man enters that arena, it's time for a listen.

Ael said...

Don't do it Chief!

Talking about "women in general" has the potential for arbitrarily greater downside than upside.

Lisa said...


Chief has the aplomb with which to execute this action. Someone like Ranger, say, would be entering a minefield with absolutely no covering fire.

Speaking for myself, I am no knee-jerk feminist, and would welcome the repartee.