Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Random Images from Four Days

So the Labor Day Weekend was kinda...meh. Nothing terrific but nothing awful, either. Just another day in the life of Mister Peep and me...Our friends from CA stopped by for a visit, to be greeted with wind, rain, cold and generally miserable weather. They and their little fella managed decently enough, got up to Mt. Hood on the only nice day (Friday) and they sprung for dinner at our well-liked Widmer Brewpub (yum) Saturday. Here come the mommies and their respective youngest (Missy) and firstborn (Little C) offspring, with Big C pulling drag.As mentioned, we had an unseasonably wet and windy Labor Day, and the only enjoyable part of that were the beautiful cloud towers associated with the storms, here seen at sunset on Saturday.The sunflowers that the Peeper and his mom so carefully planted back in the spring finally bloomed - but for about a week before the strong winds Saturday blew them over! At least I got this proof that they did, finally, bloom. Sic transit gloria, er, sunfloweria...Missy and the Incredibly Wonderful Girly Girl Thing her mommy found for her: a genuine ballerina tutu. She loved it so much she wore it to bed at naptime two days in a row AND took it to daycare this morning. It's wonderfulicious.Another snapshot of The Tutu, this one combined with the other Incredibly Wonderful Girl Thing that Missy received over the weekend: a Barbie book. Hours of fun, especially for Daddy, who gets to read Barbie's Halloween Adventure until he's ready to claw his eyes out.Mom, Peeper and Missy on the First Day of First Grade at Astor School. Note that the only happy face here is Little Miss, who is moving on to her familiar daycare after this. So much to think about...Here's a pensive Peeper wondering just exactly what the hell he's got himself into. Buck up, little trooper. They can kill you but they can't eat the remains.That's all for now. Hope you, too, are having a Happy September...

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Pluto said...

The bit about the Barbie book brought a smile to my face. It was dinosaur books for me.

The latest dino book had to be read aloud at least five times a day. This put us in the uncomfortable dilemma of either buying lots more dino books to prevent parent anguish or reading the same old book again and again and again.