Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ran across this as I was using YouTube for a soundtrack to blog.Not sure why I enjoyed it so much and, yes, I know that Don Henley is SO much of what was wrong with the music of the Eighties, thanks.

But there was something about the combination of the hook-y tune (and it IS a great hook, admit it. C'monnn...) with the utterly random video - vibratory plasticized boobilicity through "Bring It On" dance team slickronicity around Janet Jackson pop-tarty pseudorotica by schoolgirl drum line fantasy to disarmingly silly Bollywood musical numbers (look for the animated bears near the 3:40 mark - yes, bears, cartoon bears, ISYN. Hey, it's Bollywood)...I just had to pass it on. No excuse. Just pure silly fun.

That's Friday Night Jukebox for the last week of 2009. Enjoy.


Lisa said...

O.k., granted, Henley was a bit limited, but what was good was pretty good. Tin God, Dirty Laundry -- that's some great stuff. He definitely embodied part of the era, though in the case of The Eagles, the whole was better than its parts.

Loved the Bollywood aspect of the vid. It was a happy, mindless riff. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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