Saturday, December 05, 2009

Parting the Ways

It's been over three years that I've been doing this blog thing. And all that time this place has been very...schizophrenic.

One day it's a daddy blog. Then it's political. Then there's a post about the military, or about MY time in the military. I tell stories, or post pictures, or opine about religion and politics and all sorts of this and that.

But in the past half-year or so I've been dividing my time between this place and the gang over at the MilPub. And I'm finding more and more that my political and military posts are appearing there. Which is appropriate, since it is a political and military blog. But then there's still this blog over here...and some political stuff still shows up here. But then...and...what about...

So here's the thing.

I think it's time to make the split official. To make this blog a personal place for my own ideas and opinions. And to make MilPub the place where I talk about politics and military subjects.

Mind you, I was a GI for 20 years - I still think about military subjects on my own time. So you can still find my Army stories (including the tales from the Sinai) and the "Decisive Battles" posts here. Commentary on current events, political and military policies, however, will appear at the other site. And GFT will continue to feature the wild variety of entertainment you keep coming back for, whether it's Hello Kitty bling or Osama Bin Laden kulfa balls.Sound like a plan?

Glad we got that straightened out.

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mike said...

Sounds like a plan. I may still check in for news about Stumptown though.