Saturday, February 19, 2011

Her arms long and small

I made Mojo this little valentine and liked the result so much I wanted to post it.The inspiration for the graphic were these lines from William Wyatt's "They Flee From Me":
"...but once in special,
In thin array after a pleasant guise,
When her loose gown from her shoulders did fall,
And she me caught in her arms long and small;
Therewithall sweetly did me kiss
And softly said, "dear heart, how like you this?"

My love seemed to like it almost as well as the gift card from Sock Dreams. I like that, too.


Lisa said...

That is a lovely verse. Did you draw that sweet graphic?

FDChief said...

Lisa: I did. Back in the day I was quite the busy little cartoonist. Work and progeny have cut into my drawing time, but I still manage every so often to put pen to paper.

The funny thing is that the hardest part is usually coming up with a composition that suits me. This one came to me in about five minutes while driving home from work the Friday of Valentine's. I had been thinking of the poem, and the image sprang fully formed from my forehead like Minerva. All that remained was to pencil-sketch it and ink it.

I really like the result, and, more importantly, my inamorata does, too.

Lisa said...

I am quite impressed -- it is delightful! You are truly a renaissance man. I feel your soul yearns for expression, hence the many modalities with which you are gifted to do so.