Sunday, February 06, 2011

Nothing Else Holds Fashion

I don't spend a lot of time worrying or wondering who reads this thing.

It's a hobby, like toy trains or dandruff, and like them I just enjoy fiddling with it for my own sake. If you enjoy reading it, well, fine. That's nice. But you note I don't have gimmicks like a pageview counter or stats showing on the pagefront.

So I was a little intrigued when I ambled over to my "stats" tab in the dashboard page for GFT. I spent some time noodling around finding out intriguingly useless stuff like the fact that someone from Brazil, Australia and India has stopped by to read my stuff, and that for some reason January was a huge month for pageviews.

But most intriguing and useless thing was that the second-ever-most viewed post was one titled "Hot for Something: Hakkaa päälle 2".

The most viewed was my Decisive Battles post for La Noche Triste, which I liked; I think that was a good post, the battle of the night of 30 JUN-1 JUL 1520 is both historically important and difficult to find a single good source for online, and the post itself is well written (in my unhumble opinion), a good reference for anyone interested in the event.Nice to know that other people seem to think so, too.

But the other?

It had something to do with education, I thought, since it was part two of another post that had ranted about the recent enthusiasm for deriving U.S. education "improvement" from places like Korea and Finland that were about as similar to the U.S. - any part of the U.S. - as chalk is to cheese. As usual, I argued, wheedled, ranted, discussed, and explained like a madman and got one lonely comment (thanks, tho, Lisa!). Nobody had any interest in discussing education, Finnish or otherwise, with me. I have no way of determining from the stats page but I'll bet that the first post has probably 34 pageviews including three or four from me editing the damn thing.

And yet the second post, which is this tiny little postscript, has something like 2,000 views, almost 1% of the total pageviews for the site in the past year or so.


And then I opened the post are realized; it was the one I talked about Finland.

Tom of Finland.

"Lechery, lechery; still, wars and lechery; nothing else holds fashion: a burning devil take them!"

It is said that fame has its price.The price of mine appears to be gay pornography.


Lisa said...

Alas :)

Anything with "Hot for" or Tom of Finland will do well, I s'pose. Humans have their priorities: snack foods, the Superbowl, Justin Bieber and ... the salacious bits.

FDChief said...

Hey, at least I had my 15 minutes!

Lisa said...

I 'spect there'll be more than that ...