Saturday, November 12, 2011

A crown and 205


I've been stuck at about 206-207 pounds for a week now, and yesterday I got on the scale and I've broken that weight all the way down to 205. Yay!The only downside is I can't have a candy bar to celebrate.

By way of contrast, here's Missy's friend Barbie, who has never had a weight problem, the skinny bitch.Missy was taking pictures of her Barbies and managed to capture this image of the loneliness of beauty, a crown without a princess;I think the girl has a gift for this photography stuff, neh? So here's the little fairy princess her ownself complete with her own crown - certainly she understands the danger of beauty and the beauty of danger.That's it - just a little bragging and some Barbies. I warned you that this would be a daddy blog every now and then, didn't I?

Oh, and I wanted to post something about this whole "losing weight" thing and the one real oddity I've noticed. But that'll be for later.


Anonymous said...

My dormie room-mate back in the day at UNL didn't fare so well with the Draft Lottery as I did. So off he went to the guards.
He tended toward the corpulent and he is short.
After he came back from his basic, he was fit and trim.
We teased him by calling him "Mighty Mouse".


rangeragainstwar said...

i think the soda's are worse than the candy bars.
I justify my beers by that logic. Beer is good , soda bad.

FDChief said...

Basil: Probably my fittest ever was the time right after I washed out of SFQC: I was probably no more then 180-190 and solid muscle and bone. And 25 years old - that helped.

jim: Agree on the pop. If I'm gonna drink something fizzy and caloric give me a good chewy malty beverage...

Lisa said...

vous êtes beau :)

Many congratulations on your good achievement. I hope you find many tempting, healthy treats to rouse your tastebuds. Real food is so delicious; if I am a sensualist, food is certainly right up there. Oh, I love scents and color and texture ... crisp and soft and chewy and ... gawd, I could write my own gothic romance and they'd never of what I spoke :)