Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wind and Rain

I was truly on a blogroll and then...

...I had to drill four borings in Wilsonville.

I've been up every morning since Monday at four and working long past dark. It's been effing cold, and today it's supposed to get worse - driving rain and temperatures in the low forties. I'm whacked, and so posting's been light.

And in all honesty the recent destruction of the Occupy sites in Portland, Oakland, and NYC has me truly, viciously depressed. Sucking-the-muzzle depressed. What-the-fuck-are-you-people-thinking depressed.

Here are people, committed people, concerned people, trying to tell you politicians and plutocrats that returning this country to the political and economic land of the Gilded Age might...just might...ALSO return us to anarchist bombings, labor riots, and the Upton Sinclair jungle of violent urban poor and rural squalor...and your reaction is to flex-cuff 'em and and ignore 'em?

Yes, they're annoying. Yes, they're all over your nice little parks. Yes, you'd rather not think about what they're talking about just bybeing there. But...instead of reflecting on the past fifty years of relative peace and prosperity they'rer trying to talk about returning to, you're doubling down on the Boss Tweed plutocratic fucking crazy?

Are you fucking insane?

You WANT to hand your country over to the sort of malefactors of great wealth that created and then destroyed the Mortgage Bubble Economy that landed us in the Lesser Depression?

And yet you can STILL find the time and money to chase some raggedy-assed muj around the hills of West Buttfuckistan?

As they say on Mandalore: Kaysh mirsh solus. Your fucking brain cell is lonely.

And speaking of Mandos, right now I'm feeling kinda all kinds of Mando about my "leaders" - in Portland, fucking Bloomberg in NYC, inside the Beltway...and not in a good way. Specifically, "Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur"

It's a good day for someone else to die. and I can think of a number right off the top of my head.

And now I have to go out in the wind and rain and make a living.

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rangeragainstwar said...

Think of the bright side- the troops are fighting for our freedoms, which include the right to peacefully assemble.
Democracy is not messy. It's rather simple- you can protest if you stay in the Holiday Inn.