Tuesday, December 18, 2012

De Morituris: CPT Daniel Inouye, USA (Ret)

I will forever remember this treasure of the United States Senate for his callout of the skeeviest lying sack of shit to ever wear the uniform of my country for being a lying skeevy sack of shit:
"Colonel North, I am certain it must have been painful for you as you stated to testify that you lied to senior officials of our government, that you lied and misled our Congress and believe me it was painful for all of us to sit here and listen to that testimony. It was painful.

It was equally painful to learn from your testimony that you lied and misled because of what you believed to be a just cause, supporters of Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters, the Contras. You have eloquently articulated your opposition to Marxism and communism. And I believe that all of us, I am certain all of us on this panel, are equally opposed to Marxism and communism. But should we in the defense of democracy adopt and embrace one of the most important tenets of communism and Marxism: the ends justify the means?"
One day I hope we will come to realize that our collective unwillingness to properly punish the mendacious traitors responsible for the Iran-Contra Affair have, as unrequited sins always do, turned around to bite us on the ass as the one-time Nisei lieutenant of the 442nd RCT warned us in vain.
Stand at ease, soldier.


Lisa said...

Sen. Inouye's challenge was correct. Mendacity will never be expunged, but via it's recognition and prosecution we tamp the monster down.

Like you, I believe there's hell to pay when we do not.

james caba said...

Well Chief, I agree with your sentiments on Inouye. A true hero. Believe it our not you are a bit of a hero to me. I read your posts and you have a remarkable ability to crystalize the thoughts I have ruminating in my head.

I had to post in Milpub regarding the latest USA massacre. I posted under anonymous.

I have replied to you before from Taiwan about adopting Chinese children. I have lived in Taiwan for about twenty years and am married and have a daughter here.

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Just realize you reach a broad, yet esoteric band of brothers the world around. Not all of us were in the military but your thought process strikes a chord.


FDChief said...

Lisa: and there has been; Dick Cheney was in the Naval Observatory rather than prison and we payed for that in full measure.

James: I blush, and thank you.

And I do recall you mentioning Taiwan. Our Girl is a native of the mainland, but we are fairly catholic about things Chinese; Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the PRC are all grist for the Little Miss mill; or not, as the case may be - she recently informed me that learning Mandarin "was SUPER boring"...

Anonymous said...

FDC I also recall our conversations about about and identity for your little girl. As I remember you were going to raise her as a straight American. No problem there.

Regarding Chinese language the grammar is very straight forward and the characters are very interesting. It's very satisfying to read a page of Chinese! However the tones are pure bloody hell! Especially for someone tone deaf like myself. Having trouble getting through your firewall there

Keep ranting away, even though it must feel as if you are pounding your head against a steel door. Eventually you will get your message through!

I also love your military writing. I am somewhat of a nerd when it comes to WWII history, especially the Pacific. In fact I just walked the Kokoda trail this past summer. It was a real eye opener.