Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sugar and Spice...

...and sweat and effort. And sometimes some pouting and whining. She's six, after all.

But don't mistake her for a delicate little flower. Her money quote for today was overheard during a hard-fought game of HALO against her big brother. Little Miss elbowed him with both hands on her controller to warn him to get out of the way; "I want to kill!" she piped in her sweet-adorable-tiny-girl voice.

Here's a couple more of the snapshots I took today at Rose City Gym that I rather liked:

This group of little girls sort of adopted Missy, but here they are entranced by the older gymnasts practicing;

Here's the Girl, herself, practicing to be a little vampire:

And one last image of the subject giving her unabridged opinion of the photographer's vision;

She's sweet but spicy, the Girl. And she doesn't care who knows it.

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