Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Jukebox: Stillin' the Water Edition

The Don Shirley Trio performing Waterboy, 1961:

This tune is supposed have made the Top 40 the year it was released, but I have no idea "which" chart this song is supposed to have been on. It's not the pop chart, or listed as one of the best selling singles of 1961 in any category. Whatever.

The really fascinating part of this tune - to me, anyway - is that the melody from this piece is very clearly the same tune that was released in the early Seventies as the "folk gospel" tune Put Your Hand in the Handand credited to someone named Gene McLellan...but so far as I know Shirley never got credit for the writing. Was this an adaptation of an older song, a spiritual, or an earlier gospel tune? Is that why it wasn't considered an original song?

I have no idea. But the abrupt string bass part that bookends the piece just emphasizes Shirley's gorgeous piano work. Just a little something for a rainy Friday.


Ael said...

Welcome back, jukebox.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, gotz catz too

Raining and Thundering here too, but waited until nightfall. Nice thundery night, no wind no hail.