Friday, April 17, 2015

The Only Post I Will Ever Write About the 2016 Election

Because...ugh. The thought of the next year and a half makes me want to drink a case of Natty Light and binge-watch reruns of Charmed.

It's going to be epically awful watching and listening to the "news" media try to pretend that there's an actual choice between a bunch of right-centerist corporatist candidates...and a monkeyhouse full of shit-flinging Gilded Age neoimperial theocratic nutbars.

Look. I absolutely hate the fucking idea of voting for Hillary Clinton and the wholly-owned-subsidiary wing of the Democratic Party.

But what's the alternative?

Seriously. Not the "look what an upstanding liberal Ralph Nader is!" alternative, but a real alternative to letting the Imperial legion of lunatic Tenthers, guns-and-God-bothering Womb Raiders get their mitts on the levers of power.

Will Clinton pretend that we're not heating up the planet with our exhaust fumes? Look for imaginary booga-booga terrorists under the bed (well, she might in Libya, but, still...)? Hand over the national checkbook to Goldman Sachs? Gut unions, attempt to destroy Medicaid and Social Security, fellate Bible-bangers, toss minorities of all flavors under the white, male, Christopath bus?


Would I love to see another FDR in the White House, another Congress like the one that rammed through the New Deal on Capitol Hill?

Sure. But that ain't gonna happen.

So there's really only one hope; pull that Democratic lever and work inside the Party to push it leftwards. And there's nothing other than that to say.

Because outside the walls there is only fire, and madness in the dark.


mike said...

we, as a people, focus too much on the presidential election. We need to focus more on the Congressional and the local elections. With those in hand, perhaps we can get Goldman Sachs, the Christopaths, and the social-net-destroyers on the run.

FDChief said...

Well, that's not really a problem for me here in Oregon. Even taking into account the scattering of whacko rednecks that exist outside the Portland metro area the state GOP is an utter shitshow; they couldn't win the beauty contest at a Mongolian goat rodeo.

But in the national contest the Presidential slate has a lot of effect on the Congressional races, and the coattails of the national candidate do some tugging in the handful of purple places that still exist. Not to mention that the national candidate depends on the local and state party organizations to GOTV...

Anyway, I really have no relish for another Clinton v Bush election. But knowing what I do about the GOP there's no way in hell I or anyone not already in the 1% should have a reason for pulling the GOP lever in ANY election. Let them buy their government the old-fashioned way.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Hillary has all the money tied up and has all the connections made over decades. Like you, I really don't want to vote for her but I don't expect to have a real choice (much like the Obama situation). I would LOVE to vote for Jim Webb and have reason to believe that he might win but I can't even imagine that happening.

Jay in N.C.

Anonymous said...

I never watched "Charmed" -- is it better in reruns? (wink/laugh) I also am not looking forward to the next 18 months. I SO wish I had an option besides Clinton...but as the button/bumper stickers say - "the other side is CRAZY!"

But I don't see myself posting much about it all, I shuttered Herlander Walking; just feeling it was a waste of time to preach to a small choir while FUndy/GOP zombie-fuckers are running in the streets ...and in the halls of Congress.

mike said...

"... the Presidential slate has a lot of effect on the Congressional races,..."

and the inverse can also be true, especially with a presidential candidate who lacks a great deal of charisma. Hmmm - like someone we know?

Anonymous said...

Progress(ive), after a fashion, I s'pose


Paul Bibeau said...

Yes. YES. That is it.