Friday, October 30, 2015

Darwin Award (Arboreal Rodent Edition)

More bizarre things found in soil fill:

This is Squishy Squirrel. How the hell he managed to get caught in the soil stockpile I have NO idea.

The nearest trees are hundreds of feet away from the area where the excavators were cutting borrow. Was he an adventurer whose luck ran out? An outcast, forced to roam the dirt hills of Medford like Chuck Connors in that old Branded TV series carrying around his saber-knifey thing?

Was the Black Squirrel heavy on his heart and all the chittering joy leached so out of gathering nuts that he went out to the field to end it all?

Clearly something went very, very wrong. To be a dead squirrel in a pile of dirt is like being the guy who dies licking a light socket or mortocycle jousting or something equally bizarre. Regular squirrels get pancaked on the pavement. Ol' Squishy must be some sort of Darwin Award winning squirrel to die the way he did.

But the why? We will never know. Regardless of why safe in the fill he now bides, food for worms, brave Squishy.

I have a very odd job sometimes.

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mike said...

Bubonic plague bait - hope you didn't touch it.