Friday, December 04, 2015

Friday Jukebox: Je suis désolé Edition

Because, frankly, I am feeling desolate and far from home today.

But any day when Mark Knopfler can swing it zydeco fashion can't be entirely without hope.


Lisa said...

I just mentioned Knopfler a moment ago re. a really great drum line from a Dire Straights song which I had recently heard ... Sultans of Swing" or maybe, "Money for Nothing. I really appreciate good drums in Rock.

Sorry you're feeling a bit low (well, I guess "desolate" lies below that.)

You have a friend in FLA thinking of you, and hoping you rest well tonite :)

FDChief said...

Bad day; no work and nothing to do but be frustrated about that, and being away from home, and irked at the damn foolishness on the news...

I'll get over it...but I am much beholden to you your kindness; "For this relief, much thanks, for it is bitter cold and I am sick at heart..."

FDChief said...

And for a gal who likes her drumming, here's a fun Knopfler tune with a terrific drum solo at the end:

"Down in Louisiana there's a hurricane coming
The little boy climbs the stairs
And all along the levee all the people come running
And the little boy's saying his prayers
And a sleepy little laddie smiles up at his daddy
And he's asking for his G.I. Joe
And daddy tucks him in with a kiss upon the chin
And says my little one I love you so

Daddy is he a goodie or a baddie
Daddy leave a light outside the door
Once upon a time there were cannibals
Now there are no cannibals any more..."

Lisa said...

Per the news: indeed, for "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

I have been much busy, but I do think of you, and if I read that you are feeling down, I feel that immediately and am sad that you're sad.

Thank you for the great link :)

Pluto said...

Best wishes, Chief and I hope for you to be reunited with your loved ones as soon as possible.