Thursday, December 03, 2015

Three-Fifths Compromise

I'm sorry, but I'm done with arguing with ammosexuals about "Second Amendment Rights".
You can argue the semantics of the "well-regulated militia" clause all you want, but the bottom line is that too many goddamn people can get their hands on too many goddamn firearms and We the People aren't even trying to do a goddamn thing about that.

Hell, the Framers would have a goddamn kitten fit if they saw what We have done with the verbiage they doped up just to keep the slaves down and avoid paying for professional soldiers.

As a result we're killing more American people every day than in the wildest Islamic State jihadi's wet dreams and that's indescribably, ridiculously, grotesquely fucked up. The Constitution is not supposed to be a goddamn suicide pact.

And speaking of the Constitution, it used to classify folks who weren’t free white men as 3/5ths of a human being. That was fucked up, so we changed it.

The Second Amendment as currently interpreted has effectively classified folks who aren’t armed and insane as the targets for those who are.

It's time to fucking change that, too.


Syrbal/Labrys said...

Past time, I'd say. I keep waiting for "the" shooting that will awaken and mobilize Americans out of the stupor of stupid they all mulling themselves into a sodden mass in. Perhaps Obama hit the right note to finally point out that possible terrorist sympathizers cannot FLY, but they CAN buy as many guns as they want.

FDChief said...

The thing is there's a good 30% of this country who will NEVER "awaken". They will, as Obama said, cling to their God and their guns no matter how many people around them die. They are just the fucking boat-anchor of the American public and you will never get them to buy in to the notion that the answer to "moar gunz" isn't..."moar gunz". They cannot be reasoned with on this subject.

The same 30% rebelled in 1860 rather than give up their slaves and had to be brutally beaten down and killed. It may come to that. But, goddamn it, this country cannot continue to exist half Fox and half Free. It must become all one, or all the other, and I know which Cemetery Ridge I'd die on, or, better, kill them on.

Ael said...

Hmm, I am sure that you are completely aware of the bitter irony of trying to solve the problem of too many people being shot by shooting a bunch of people.

What a horrible box we find ourselves in.

FDChief said...

These people will not yield, Ael, and their intransigence only means others, innocents, will die. I take no pleasure in saying this, but if they will not give way they must be made to give way. This is not irony, it is tragedy and horror. But to accept their dicta is more horrific.

FDChief said...

If the only means of prying their guns from their hands is from their cold, dead fingers - as they boast - well, so be it.

Anonymous said...

The 3 year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre is coming up in another week and a bit. A couple dozen kids and their caretakers gone. Nothing has changed and will not change until the national conversation moves from "we need background checks so that those who shouldn't have guns can't get them" to "prying and total elimination of the gun and money industry".

The problem as I see it is that our "innocents" as well as our gun fondlers do not fully grasp the intent of our Constitution for building a society as expressed in the Preamble. They fully believe that their domestic tranquillity depends not upon a political process but a quick run down to the local gun shop for a dose of personal power and ego.


FDChief said...

I think that's my real heartburn with the GOP as presently constituted, basil. The core of their worldview is "I've got mine so fuck you, Jack!" combined with "I'm gonna GET mine so fuck you, Jack!". The whole point is to deny the notion of compromise and accommodation with anyone else, the idea of a "commons" that we all share. It's all gimme-gimme, me-first, and screw you, loser. That's where Trump is such a perfect sausage-stuffing for this gawdawful weiner; he's the greediest, loudest, pushiest, most selfish shithead in the GOP toilet bowl. His orc legions love him BECAUSE he's the selfish bastard they all wish they were.

The gun-licking is all part of that greed and selfishness. If you WANT an AK-47 or two dozen M-4 knockoffs then the possibility that some religious nut or some homicidal SOB is going to get them too doesn't matter. What YOU want is what's important, and if someone else has to die so you can get what you want, then, hey, fine. Omelets, broken eggs, you know how that goes.

And the band played on.

FDChief said...

Just to make this very clear.

This is my fucking house.

If you have a good argument for WHY "Second Amendment Rights" are an unalloyed good and need to be preserved over the bodies of innocents, make it. But don't come in here talking bullshit about how I don't understand what I'm talking about when I say that if it comes down to it war with the guntards is the lesser of two evils.

I got paid to kill fucking people for twenty years. I know damn well what it means. And my country has already done it, back 1865 when another group of selfish fuckers put their own selfish "rights" ahead of the common good and common sense humanity.

So. If you can convince me that I'm wrong, if you have an actual GOOD argument for why we should all be as heavily armed as we please, make it and I'll answer you.

But if you come in here just talking shit I'm gonna zap you just like I did the "anonymous" joker whose comment I spiked. My house. My rules. Don't like it? Then you have my gracious permission to fuck the hell off.

Ael said...

Any law has to carry its own weight and it is easy to say that the second amendment fails there. The costs are seen daily and its preservation of democracy seems tenuous. I recall no situation since emancipation when one can say "the second amendment sure helped out there"

Few documents have seen as much attention as the US constitution and many countries have taken ideas from it. I don't think anyone else has adopted it. The first, fourth, fifth, etc amendments, sure. The second, not so much. Therefore, I am not alone in considering the second amendment a burden to the nation.