Friday, June 17, 2016

Safe Breasts for Victory!

A lot of bizarre stuff happened here in the Land of the Big PX during the Second World War.

So I can't imagined armored brassiere cups were the most bizarre.

But...damn. That's pretty bizarre. What the hell was Rosie doing that put her lovely lady lumps so close to Industrial Danger?

We will never know.


Leon said...

Chief it's the logical development of female defensive gear which started way back in the medieval period:

Anonymous said...

Looks like bad design to me.

I thought the idea would be to deflect bits of stray metal, not risk them catching in the cleavage. But everyfreakingbody seems to miss this point. Perhaps because the designs are not intended to actually be placed in harm's way.

This re-enactment strikes me as being much closer to the design goal:

mike said...

Bucking red hot rivets is not kids play. Thick leather aprons were used. I am assuming that pic was a publicity stunt.

FDChief said...

I'm pretty comfortable agreeing that this was some sort of "any bonds today?" PR gimmick. But I'm also guessing that the Armored Safety Bra was somebody's brainstorm and I'm a little baffled by that. You'd think a sturdy welder's apron or jacket would work as well with less discomfort.

But, just seems like WW2 brought all sorts of wild ideas - from brilliant to completely goofy - out of people...

mike said...

And the 'Girl Friday' type on the left looks suspiciously like she came right out of central casting. What is the provenance of the photo?