Monday, September 19, 2016

Ten Years After...

I completely forgot to mark it, but this past July was the tenth anniversary of Graphic Firing Table; July 17, 2006 was the very first post up at this joint.

Reminds me; I gotta start trying to figure out what the hell to say.

It's not going to be about this election, oh no. You ain't draggin' me into that.

Maybe a nice cat video?



Ael said...

Congratulations! You are successfully getting old.

I understand no national politics, but what about local?
Can one actually buy recreational pot in Oregon yet?
If so, how is it turning out? Any surprises?

Any other "novel" turns to the upcoming local elections?

mike said...

1] return to your roots, historic battles. perhaps not decisive ones but their are thousands of others worthy of discussion?

2] or your thoughts on HIMARS or similar systems replacing tube artillery in the near future?

3] MLS expansion, will it happen?

4] malheur morons trial?

5] geology!!!!

Big Daddy said...

Congratulations on your 10 year blogoversary and beating the odds by still posting.
How about more history, the Chaco war post is still hanging and FWIW I found a page with a short history focused on the air war, some pictures of the planes and some sources
I also like your travelog style pieces about neighborhoods and oddities like walking around Aberdeen or the alleys of North Portland.

FDChief said...

Chaco! Yeah, gotta get back on that.

As far as the "battles" posts, I've got one left I really want to do; the second Siege of Vienna. But nothing else really grabs me. Anybody in the readership got a fight they'd like to see given the GFT treatment? Let's discuss.

And I have a handful of "The Army I Knew" left, as well...

Big Daddy said...

The first two battles that come to mind more are for the backstory than the battle. "The War of Jenkins' Ear" just for the sheer absurdity of the title and its background of Anglo-Dutch colonial turf battles. I also like the siege of Camerone, which is mostly important in the mythology of the French Foreign Legion but is also a point of entry into the French treating Mexico like car with 3 missed payments and attempting to repo a country. Also anything involving the Austro-Hungarian Army, just so you can use the descriptive term "7 layer failcake".

mike said...

No post debate assessment???? We need your satiric spin Chief. Please reconsider.

Talyssa said...

10 years? That's amazing! Congratulations!
I'm so very glad I have absolutely nothing to do with the US election haha Although I do see various memes and videos floating around online. It all looks very entertaining! haha

Congratulations again!