Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Do ut des

The ancient Romans had what I consider a very realistic concept of "God". Being a reasonably hardheaded people, they realized that a divine entity didn't get to be a deity by being randomly eleemosynary. That there were favors to be exchanged, deals to be cut, wheels to be greased, in return for those little driblets of heavenly favor. God - or gods - wasn't to be expected to just scatter largesse on the grubby little inhabitants of the workaday world without a little bit of...encouragement.

So when they made sacrifice to the Olympians, the Roman donor would say: "Do ut des" - meaning something like "I give to you so you will give to me."

Well, I'm calling in my marker.

Of all the people who are destined to be a great Mom and Dad, Millicent and Floyd over at Different Dirt are the destin-est. They are so full of love that they shine with it from within, like a luminaria on a still October night. Some lucky little girl out there deserves a mommy and daddy like them. And right now they're on pins and needles, waiting to hear if their dreams of parenthood will be incarnated in a little girl who needs them as her parents.

I don't ask for much from life. Mojo will tell you that my family rule is "If" - a stoic demand to put the best face on the misery and grief the World hands you. And as most of you who follow this blog know, it has handed Mojo and I some and more. But now I'm asking. And you, too, who know her, who read her, can ask, too. Beat your drum, light your sacrifice, send up your prayer, chant or simply think of them.

Do ut des.

Give them this. Give them this child. I give that you will give to them the beginnings of a lifetime of hope, love and joy.


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walternatives said...

Give them this, indeed. I believe it will happen.