Thursday, May 17, 2007


UPDATE: 5/17/07

Whatever it was - and I suspect it had nothing to do with us and a lot to do with the karmic debt owed to Millicent and Floyd - it worked. They were chosen from out of 25 families to be the Mommy and Daddy of little Thor (I leave her parents to tell you her real name over there in the Different Dirt).

Okay, gods.

We're square.


(I'd love to post one of her pictures but her mom (hey, Mil - doesn't it kick ass to say that?) is still a little worried about privacy. Anyway, suffice to say that Mojo says that in the picture little Thor is wearing the MOST adorable shoes. I said: who's looking at the shoes?

Whaddya think? Does it gotta be the shoes?)

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walternatives said...

Joining you in an idiotic little sack dance of joy!