Friday, May 18, 2007

I have to think in my heart

From my beloved Mojo comes the latest from the Deep Peep, little-known philosopher.

"This morning, Shea was eating breakfast and out of the blue said "Mei-mei sure is taking a long time to get here".

Then he decided to name her Lilac.
It's almost enough to renew one's faith in the universe."

Yeah, little buddy, it is taking a long time. But we'll love her even more when she gets here.
Oh, and by the way; your Mommy's name is "Mommy", not "Warthog". Just sayin'.

I, on the other hand, am OK with "Warthog".

The title for this post? It's what the Peep says when he has to reflect on something. We will be in his bedroom trying to decide which Kama-Sutra-ish "snuggle" we will do before bed (Peeper-lies-beside-Daddy, Peeper-lies-on-top-of-Daddy, Peeper-sits-and-bounces-on-Daddy's-full-tummy...) and he will take his chin in his hand and announce that he needs to "think in his heart" what to do. I know how you feel, little guy. I think with my heart whenever I think about you.

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walternatives said...

That photo is one of the cutest EV-ER. Please tell Peeps that I love the name lilac, too. We actually considered the French spelling, Lilas, as our daughters name. It is my favorite flower but alas doesn't grow where I live now. That's my dream retirement - less sun, all lilacs. Yes, we dream of Portland - such good beers, too.
"I have to think in my heart." I hope I remember that for a long, long time.