Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crazy Busy (w/ a note re: Immigration)

Sorry no post on all things Peeper this weekend: it's been crazy and I'll try and explain why tomorrow.

I did want to link this little note re: the whole "it's your business when your neighbor's house is on fire" theme from last Friday.

The money graph from John Robb's article linked to above: "The Zetas (a drug cartel originally formed by 50 Mexican special operators, some with US training, recruited by the Gulf Cartel as enforcers) has ballooned to a network of 2000 members, including recruits from Guatemalan counter-insurgency forces called the Kabiles."

So what I said: border-crossing hispanics aren't a disease: they're a symptom. Much of Latin America is politically and economically sick and getting sicker, NAFTA or no NAFTA. If we'd get our head out of our American Idol ass we might recognize that for the potential train wreck it is.

Will we? Doubt it. Our politicians are too busy scoring off each other, and the massive money flooding the system is being used to direct our attention to Big Shiny Objects.


SBird said...

Sigh. Have we ever recognized ANY "problem area" for what it truly is? Have we ever taken the time to learn about sociohistorical contexts or to treat political realities systemically or approached another culture as a peer? We gratify ourselves instantly and self-servingly and not just with our iphones and our SUVs. We assume the world stage is our sandbox.

atomic mama said...

Bwaha ha! Sorry, I got nuthin' to add 'cept to say I am loving the "If we'd get our head out of our American Idol ass..." line. Brilliant, that.