Sunday, June 24, 2007

Little Runaway

We've had a remarkably domestic weekend around here. First, it rained cats pretty much both days, so we didn't get the yard work done we wanted to, except reparing the giant cat ass-crater Miss Nitty has made in the little raised bed where the poor carrots are trying to grow.
We went to Home Depot and ordered a monsterously expensive door for our remodelling project, went to Goodwill and Peep found an enormous snake (now called Jake and living in his bed along with the other four gajillion bed friends), cleaned house, cooked, played with trains, read, napped, went out for a latte or three...
We also went to out little St. John's Library and checked out about a zillion books and a video: The Remarkable Riderless Runaway Tricycle.
That was Saturday afternoon. We have now finished our fifth viewing of the RRRT. Shea is still undecided about which is the best scene: was it where the RRRT avoids the junkyard magnet? Where the RRRT outfoxes the police car? Or evades the street sweeper? No matter - Peeper-double-thumbs-up is the review of the RRRT. Future repeated watching appears inevitable.

What is mom-and-dad funny about this video is the pure artless Seventies-ness of it. It's got everything: Chevy K-cars, Mark Spitz mustaches, joggers in knee-sox (ass-hugging shorts, gold chains and more-mark-spitz-mustaches). It's like this wierd little hommage to disco, polyester and bluegrass. Plus there's no dialogue, so the kid actors can't ham it up. Joe Bob says: check it out.

So in honor of the RRRT and just to prove that no decade has a lock on pure-D wrong fashion choices, here's the Peep doing his "lost-member-of-the-Village-People" impression. We finally got around to Goodwilling a bunch of Mojo's maternity clothes (no more need for that stuff, thankyewvurramuch) and we found a bunch of his baby- and early-toddler things. He loved some of them so much he refused to part with them and even slept in this little ensemble.

Fortunately my little hunka hunka man-meat is now in a less...umm...tittilating ensemble.
As Donna Summer would have said: toot toot heeeeyyy beep beep...


atomic mama said...

Love the pants!

walternatives said...

Is the RRRT really only 11:17 minutes? I'll look for it at my library. My fifth grade teacher had a crush on Mark Spitz and I so remember his `stache.