Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The Chief here, wasting my lunch hour on the internet as usual...

I wanted to do some rejiggering with the blog to try and get a little more consistency and (for me) simplicity. Until now I've been just fooling around, posting pretty much as the spirit moves me. And the spirit tendeth to bloweth where it listeth. Fucker.

So here's the deal: from now on I'm going to try and do 3 posts a week or thereabouts.

Midweek (Tuesday or Wednesday) I'll post about some "thing" that interests me: books, art, music, soccer, the films of Russ Meyer, whatever - what my grannie would have lumped as "the infernal culture". So the Hump Day posts will be about my personal oddities, loves and hates.

Friday I'll post about politics and "ideas": war, peace, love, death and Republicans.

Sunday is "Family Day": where I post about funny stuff that the Peep and Mojo do, activities, travel, etc.

Hopefully this turns the GFT into something a little more easily accessible for my two readers. (BTW - thanks, gals, for the aid, comfort and comments: you're gentlepersons and scholars).

And with that, I leave you a rainy Wednesday and the pen of Frank Cho: artist and monkeyboy. Had I such a gift, I'd never leave the drawing table...


walternatives said...

Aren't you organized? LOL. I'm here for the duration, Chief. I have to say au contraire to GFT only having two readers - on my blogline feed, I see that you have 11 subscribers. Thus you have two _commenters_ and, apparently, several lurkers.

basilbeast said...

I met your featured artist in Bud Plant's catalogue I get.

Just 2?

There's no justice.