Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bush EPA Lies about Greenhouse Gas Regulation

I wanted to title this something like "Breaking News: Dog Bites Man; also, Sun Rises In East!". It's not like I expect these bastards to EVER tell the truth about "protecting" the environment. But Thursday's EPA decision regarding the state emission standards is vile even by the standards of this administration, which, generally speaking, if asked the time of day would lie out of sheer force of habit.

As if the so-called "Energy Bill" wasn't enough of an insult (Mr. Trend describes that craptastic piece of pork better here) the ultimate "you can tell I'm lying because my lips are moving" quote had to be from Stephan Johnson, the Bushie EPA dogrobber.

According to this human post-it note, the energy bill "achieves the greatest greenhouse reductions in the history of the United States", even though the energy bill never addresses emissions, being all about increased CAFE mileage standards and a whopping piece of gravy for corn/ethanol farmers.

Honestly! It's enough to make you laugh if it wsn't enough to make you weep.

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