Monday, December 24, 2007

Die Totenreit des Santa's

Well, Santa's riding the sky, i.e. the munchkins are in bed and I'm down here wrapping the "Santa Presents". The last treat eaten, the last story told, the last moronic cartoon watched. Now it's time for a last chai nog, the Kringle Loot to put under the tree and to bed. Finally.I don't have anything witty or clever, no bon mot or quote from some obscure Rmantic poet. I will quote you no Scripture or give you twee religious reasons for the evening. But I hope that you are home safe, with your family and your loves around you; loving and being loved, caring and being cared for. For at least one day free from worry, care and uncertainty. Sunk deep in the slough of feckless joy, cast away with happiness. Sufficient unto the day is the Evil thereof: may your Christmas bring you only Good, Light, Love and Laughter and the peace of a quiet heart falling upon you like the gentle brush of a snowflake on your cheek.


Dee said...

Chai Nog? Do tell.

Have a wonderful day with your lovely family.

walternatives said...

I am indeed home safe, with my loves around me.

Since the Nephews left, it's been naps, rich foods, various toddies, rented movies, fires in the hearth, and not a lick of Xmas evident, except for a stack of cards on the dining room table. Besides two for the office party swap, there were no other presents bought or given, no tree nor any traffic/travel this year. This has been the least stressful Xmas of my life and I intend to savor every restful moment. Of course, we did have Persian food for lunch yesterday, and I'm thinking that was a nice nod to the original Xmas, geographically, at least.

Merry Christmas, my friend.

wzgirl said...

I def imagine the gentle brush of a snowflake on my cheek - in my most romantic of christmas dreams. That's what its all about, eh? Aligning the the romance with the real-mance?? We're doin' a'ight...and happy enough. No major Holiday meltdowns and a couple of rad-ass dinners. So, yeah, we're good.

Hope you are, too. XO