Sunday, December 16, 2007


I have tried to keep blogging, but it didn't happen last week and it's just not going to happy this week, either.
Things started to fall apart Wednesday when The Peeper was dropped by The Stomach Flu. For those of you fortunate enough to have missed this marked-down breed of cholera, or those who don't have children, you missed a reeeeeal treat. Deb caught the full, um, "blast" of a four-year-old who has no memory of the LAST time he had Delhi Belly and had no clue what to do when the inside of his tummy struggled to get out. So he spewed endlessly anywhere and everywhere in between shrieking "What's wrong?!" "What's going on?!" "What's happening?!". Poor tad - he was ill and terrified and Wednesday was Hell with the Lid Off for Peep and Mojo both.
Thursday was better for him; we stayed home together, watched TV, played and had a gently fun time (Mojo was sick with jealousy about it, sadly). But he was vilely ill that night, and again at daycare on Friday. So we've been having to keep a specially close eye on our little guy. Missy has been her usual sweet, incredibly energetic but often clingy-and-whiny self...hopefully once she gets used to daycare the "clingy-and-whiny" will diminish...but for now it means extra Missy-carrying and Missy-entertaining for us.
My work has been crazy, and it gets crazier tomorrow when I start in on the ODOT work for the Iowa St. viaduct drilling, on the hillside above what we call the "Terwilliger Curves" of I-5. I've been scrambling to finish all the OTHER work I have in order to clear my desk for four weeks or more of field work. Meaning that after the kids are in bed, the house cleaned, the lunches made and the laundry done I sit up working. Gets old fast, just sayin'.
Plus the holidays...we made the major mistake of following our son's beloved nanny's cunning plan to do Zoolghts Saturday night and, despite the lights being just as lovely as always, got home after ten having had to fight the mob the whole evening. NOT a good idea to do the ZL on the weekend, I knew it and let myself be persuaded. Stupid, Chief, what the fuck were you thinking? Both kids woke up too early this morning and were tired and a bit crank as a result.
AND today Mojo caught the bullet she'd been dodging since Wednesday and went down ass over tip with the stomach flu. She's been like a Deadite all day and will probably miss work tomorrow - hopefully she'll have enough energy to get the sprouts to daycare 'cause it's Just Another Four A.M. Morning for the guy with the Fire Direction hat.
Funny thing - Peep , Missy and I actually had a pretty nice day: we rode the "Holiday Express". a.k.a. the "Christmas Train", a major Peeper Christmas punchlist item. Peep and I went on a site visit to a construction site I needed to look in on, which he loves, and we sneaked a Burgerville chocolate milkshake on the way home (shhhh...don't tell the Sick Mommy). We three all played happily this evening and everyone is in bed or soon will be. Pretty good, considering the alternatives.
But blogging..mmmm...not so much. I'll try to get in a post this week - lots goig on; personally, politically and otherwise. But it's late and I've got to get some sleep.


atomic mama said...

Ooohh... hope everyone is on the mend soon, and that you can stay healthy. Take care.

wzgirl said...

Great pics. Feel better all y'all...I can only imagine the "treat" I'm missing. XO

walternatives said...

As it's been a couple days since this was posted, I'm hopeful that y'all are on the mend and that you've managed to dodge the stomach flu bullet yourself. Good luck with that field work, Chief, and best wishes to Mama Mojo.

Mrs. Vandertramp said...

As a current sufferer, I sympathize and wish quick health to your household.