Monday, June 22, 2009

Out with the bad air...

Incredible: Sarychev Peak in the Kuril Island chain, northeast of Japan, on June 12.From MSNBC: "The main plume appears to be a combination of brown ash and white steam, according to a NASA statement. The vigorously rising plume gives the steam a bubble-like appearance. The surrounding atmosphere has been shoved up by the shock wave of the eruption. The smooth white cloud on top may be water condensation that resulted from rapid rising and cooling of the air mass above the ash column. This cloud is probably a transient feature, which the eruption plume is starting to punch through."

Volcanoes, the OJ Simpson of nature - powerful, sexy, fascinating, but you trust them and they'll flat-out kill your ass.


Lisa said...

Wonderful photo. Nature is awesome, though less malevolent than O.J. (if not more destructive.)

sheerahkahn said...

One of my favorite songs about nature..."If I'm Goanna Eat Somebody (It Might As Well Be You)"

The thing about nature is either you survive, or join the food chain...either way, we feed the fish, the worms, or the larger predators.

I'm not too keen on the pic, though. Looks to much like the end result of a boomer.