Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Queen of the Night

Speaking of Missy the Zombie Slayer, have I ever mentioned that I was and am a huge Buffy fan?

Yup. Secret vice and all that. Has nothing to do with a skweechy crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar, who, despite her lovely surname, I find entirely too Hollywood-skinny and affected. Haven't seen her in much of anything else, don't really care too. I'm not interested in the woman as a celebrity or even an actress at all...but I love the hell out of her Buffy. Which probably means that I actually have a crush on Joss Whedon, in a hot, manly, totally het-guy way, of course. Ahem.

Vampires being all the rage, I couldn't avoid the recent publicity surrounding the release of the "Twilight" movie. Twilight, for me, combines all the things I find irritating about the recent young-adult vampire trope; the looming atmosphere of adolescent gothy angst, the patronizing theme of the hunky prince "awakening" his princess' sexual nature with his, ahem, kiss (which, of course, seals her to him in a sort of icky, vampy "covenant marriage").

So here, thanks to "Rebellious Pixels", is a real treat for me: Buffy versus the panty-sniffing Edward Cullen from "Twilight".

Gotta love how the cool, confident, competent Slayer proceeds to flip off Mister Cool Sparkly Broody Heathcliff Vampire and his wierd stalkyness before settling the entire icky business with the business end of a tent peg.

Did I mention how smart, cool, confident, competent women are utterly and infinitely devastating?

You can keep your emo arm candy. I'm down with the Slayer every time.

Slayer? Slay? Er? Y'know, the Chosen One?



Lisa said...

"smart, cool, confident, competent women are utterly and infinitely devastating" -- of course, the tent peg doesn't hurt.

[But I am glad you like smart/cool/confident :)]

Lisa said...

p.s. -- funny: "totally het-guy way"

We're talking you -- what else could it be? :)