Saturday, June 20, 2009

Preplanned Fire

I don'know who this woman is.

I know that she lives somewhere in Tehran. I know that she is young, and attractive, that she voted against the incumbent in Iran's national election last week and is now exercised that her vote, and those of the other Iranians who think like her, does not appear to have been counted.

I know that she is Muslim, or, at least, sensible enough to concede to the public mores of her Muslim state by covering her hair (though she seems to be a trifle rebellious, in the minor way that attractive young people often are by letting her headcover slip back to show some fiendishly arousing hair and a stylish little green hairband).

There's a lot about her that I don't know but that I hope. I hope she is smart, funny, a good companion, loving and loved by those who know her. I hope she is kind, and brave, and a decent human being.

And I know this: I know that there are people, people who control a great deal of power and influence in the U.S., people whose writings I loathe to the point where I will not link to them beyond mentioning their names and the places where other, better writers than I can deconstruct their vileness, people like Ralph Peters, and Michael Oren, and Jonah Goldberg. And people who, despite their multiple failures, despite the record of their long history of stupidity, lies, deceptions and corruption - people like Dick Cheney, John MCain, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Perle, Newt Gingrich - are still given time and public space to influence other Americans and persuade them towards the toxic view that if this young woman's protest fails and the leaders her tyrannous rulers have foisted on her refuse to bend to the will of my country the only correct action that my country should take is to attack her country, bomb her cities, and in the process likely destroy her home, and her workplace, and her foodmarket, and her friends and neighbors.And I know this. The day that I allow that to happen, the day that my nation attempts to make her nation do what we want because we are too foolish, too afraid, or too angry to be patient and use the negotiation of the large and strong, by sending the aircraft, bombs and missiles I have paid for with my taxes and, in doing so, kills or tears this woman or someone like her tobloody rags, without my trying my utmost to stop them, is the day that I become a smaller, weaker person, and my nation beomes smaller and weaker, as well.


basilbeast said...

Ron Paul apparently is the only sane member of the FunHouse of Representatives of the Blow-Dried, Rattle-Brained Lemmings who cast the easy vote for the next election's sound-byte ad for 2010.

"We suck."



Rick98c said...

How is it that we made it through 40 years of Cold-War with the Soviet Union who actually had thousands of nukes pointed at us without wetting our pants, but the notion that Iran might someday have a nuclear capability causes a fairly large segment of our population to totally lose their minds?

21st Century Americanss... who would have believed it would come to this?

Podunk Paul said...

Amen, FD.

rangeragainstwar said...

Rick 98c,
Possibly, just possibly, it was because we trusted the Russians to act sensibly but for some inexplicable reason believe that Iran is suicidal.
Our recent actions by thrusting Nato up to Russias doorstep has caused them to adopt a first strike policy. This 1st strike thing has always been US policy, just ask the Japs.
Also I really believe our current fears are a result of nutless leaders blowing smoke up our appexes and calling it policy. Let's be real here-Clinton /43/BHO don't have the slightest idea of military realities, they are all chicken littles. Let's throw Albright/Rice /HRC into this equation also. Could you even in your worst nightmare consider Cinton/43/BHO handling the missile crisis of 1963??
I'd like to add that the 4.2 in Mortar platoon used to have Davy Crockett Nuclear tipped projos and these were led by a 2LT. And we fear Iran- i fear the LT. I know since i lead a 4.2 Plat.
BTW Chief, you can see the intelligence in this womans eyes- a fact missing in 43s eyes and many of those you listed .