Monday, August 03, 2009

7:05 from Scarsdale

We had a hella busy weekend

But this is the only photographic evidence: Little Miss using her chauffeured ride back home from WinCo to browse through one of the lighter works of popular fiction.

She is growing up so fast - yes, yes, that's a vile cliche', I know - and that's the reason I enjoy this snapshot so much. Just for a moment you get a glimpse, perhaps, through a windshield darkly, of the young woman she might grow into, sitting on the bus downtown reading through Jane Eyre (I could hope...or perhaps a pornographic manga. Whatever, so long as she loves to read).

I have little hope to live to see her grown to her full adulthood - as my parents have me, looking back from their eighties at me in my fifties - so I treasure these little glimpses of the young woman my littler girl may become.

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basilbeast said...

I can't watch the second one without some pain, knowing what happens a few years down the road to those that stay.

One of the best dance scenes ever is right after it, in my humble opinion.

The teacher in me wants to know how well she's reading? Enjoys it?