Friday, August 28, 2009

VD Friday

Home enjoying another of those "unrequested" days off...

Nothing to say, really, other than the usual: my family is terrific, my job is a little shaky, and my country is a goddamn mess because about 30% of my fellow citizens are freaking oxygen thieves who should be drowned like puppies for being too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time. Oh, and it's cool and rainy. In August. In Portland.


August is the only time for Portland to get hot and steamy like an old Barbara Stanwyck love scene. If you can't have your 100-degree days in August, you just can't have 'em.

I love this old poster. You think the smart way to deal with the age-old conversation that has men with money and no nookie on one side and women with nookie and no money on the other would have been to find The Boys a little raincoat for their little soldier...but no - its the Woman who is the Evil; diseased and full of Sin.

And speaking of hot, steamy, Sinful's Babs herself, pitching some sweet woo to a clueless Henry Fonda in "The Lady Eve".Why Hopsie - you ought to be kept in a cage!

Happy Friday!


Meghan H said...

And here i was thinking that loose women were all that soldiers really wanted...

Hey, it all goes back to the Bible, and probably before that. Eve gets all the blame.

FDChief said...

Meghan: I've always thought that one of the most revealing - and saddest, in a way - statistics of WW2 is that something like 60-70% of the soldiers between 18 and 25 were virgins. Including, obviously, the guys who were killed. Imagine dying before you'd ever had the chance to experience the Great Joining, whether in the form of a truly loving intimacy, a one-night stand, or even just as a rented fifteen minutes.

But I suspect that you're right and that the whole thing is part of the bigger patriarchal "woman scary, woman bad" thing.

Lisa said...

A great and telling poster.

The women: all sport red.

The gun: men are "loaded" with money and power. "Shoot and scoot" is the goal, without any unpleasant residuals. Implication: you don't want to be bringing that on home, to the uninfected party (game would be up, then.)

Better play it safe, boys.