Sunday, August 30, 2009

Princess Missy

Either that, or a ballerina...

Our Little Miss has decided that she is going full-on Girl, complete with Little Girl enthusiasms ranging from Barbies to Princesses to Ballerinas. In fact, her latest obsession is twirling around to music, which she describes as "being a ballerina".

To go with this, her fascination with Dora the Explorer (Caillou is SO yesterday's stinking fishwrap) has manifested itself with a desire to wrap herself in All Things Dora, which includes Dora curtains, a swatch of which is shown above. Thanks, Mill End Store - you rock!

Meanwhile the Peeper had a very mercurial weekend, by turns angel and devil, laughing and sobbing. He was a great helper at the "clean up Astor School" GI party on Saturday, tho.

So we had a busy weekend, between cleaning house, cleaning school, cleaning up after two busy kids and just trying to clean things up for Mojo's birthday tomorrow.

Stay tuned for some hot 43-year-old birthday fun!

But until then, here's the Ballet of Princess Missy:

1 comment:

Pluto said...

Dora the Explorer. I KNEW there was a reason to be glad for sons.

Especially ones that disliked Barney when they were younger.