Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Jukebox: Garage Band edition

I was looking for this song with no intention of posting it to Friday jukebox - it's a poppy, hooky sort of song but I have no special associations with it - and came across this funny little video.Not sure if I like it because of the garage-band quality or because the kid directing it has clearly seen enough music videos to have a decent handle on the style and a quirky sense of humor. The idea of using his little sister as the "girl in the short skirt and the long jacket" works like a mechanical ass-kicker. Anyway, I DO like it, and it's a good sort of Friday song.

And speaking of Friday songs, Mojo and are are capriciously abandoning our offspring tonight to go hear Suzanne Vega at the Aladdin.I'll tell you whether it was a good show or not in a bit. I usually enjoy Suzanne's literate musing, but the point here is, frankly, to get my proud beauty away from the needs of our progeny to indulge ourselves in a little grown-up needing. Or needling. Or needs must.

Something like that. Have a great Friday. I'll need something nice to enliven my spirit; March 1st is approaching like a punch in the gut.

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