Saturday, February 13, 2010

What IS the Internet for?

I'm thrilled that my little guy is getting excited about playing soccer.

He's slowly getting the fever from me, and he's all atwitter after finding me filling out his application for this year's Timbers Kid's Club.

So we're in the process of trying to find him a soccer club. With luck, the coach there can stop him toe-punching the ball. Lord knows I can't, and I've tried since he was a toddler and should have been old enough to know better.

But just as an observation and not like I was actually looking for it, but why the hell is it so easy to find tentacle rape porn
on the Internet and so friggin' difficult to find contact information for a U-7 soccer club in St. Johns, Oregon, especially since I know there is one, it's listed on the OSA website but the "link" leads you to some sort of useless dead end?

Dammit, maybe the internet really IS for porn.

I mean, your search engine can turn up about forty zillion places to find the most bizarro perversions imaginable - not that I'd knocking bizarro perversions; each to their own is my philosophy, so long as nobody gets hurt and everybody involved is a consenting adult - but finding something as simple as the phone number, address or contact person for a group of people in charge of a kid's soccer club?

It's like finding the Seventh City of Cibola.

I know, I know, "The Internet is for porn". Sigh. And let's not even go into "Tentacle Grape".I suspect there's some sort of deeper economic and social observation to be made here, but my mind is so stunned by the whole Tentacle Grape thing I honestly cannot encompass it.

I'll have to go to Chinese New Year and check back in later...


Charles Gittings said...


You should contact the state youth soccer association.

FDChief said...

I looked at OYSA, too. They don't even have the St. Johns club listed. I know some folks who are active in the club - I'll just make contact the old-fashioned way.